Cock-a-Doodle Dooooo

I’ve made up my mind, I’m giving fowl up again and going back to being a pescetarian (fish eating vegetarian… If such a thing exists). But, before I depart, I’m giving the remaining birds in my fridge one last hoorah.

You may remember me mentioning to you that I was a pescetarian for many years, then joined civil service and took up eating the featherlings again. Well, I’ve been eating chicken since summer of 2009. More importantly, in 2011, I became acquainted with fried chicken in the form of a sandwich.

I don’t know why I never ate fried chicken sandwiches before, but ever since I sank my teeth into a #1 from Chick-Fil-A, its become a Saturday afternoon tradition. Wake up, dilly dally, jump in line at Chick-Fil-A at 10:53am, lunch is served by 11:00am.

I love Chick-Fil-A so much, I’ve tried perfecting their recipe…albeit unsuccessfully; I’ve gotten as close as common folk can get without copyright infringement. I’ll share that recipe with you one of these days, but here’s a good start, mind you, this one needs a little tweaking, it’s tasty nonetheless.


This past weekend, I had a fried chicken sandwich that gave Chick-Fil-A a run for their money. It was from Rooster’s, a quaint eatery in Jackson, Mississippi, located in the popular Fondren neighborhood. Part of the Glenn Foods restaurant group, Rooster’s offers a variety of steak and chicken sandwiches, burgers, salads and side items. But it’s the fried chicken sandwich that you want.

Offered on a variety of breads, I opted for the jalepeno cheddar bun. The sandwich is served with onion, pickle, tomato and lettuce and your choice of side. I got the curly fries, my beloved, the onion rings. Speaking of my boyfriend, true to form, he got me on camera devouring 13 fries at a time.


I told you there would be lots of these photos.

Man. This sandwich though. It was amazing. Crispy, golden batter, tender juicy chicken. A near perfect recipe. Amazing. There, I said it…twice.

A fellow diner and his wife suspiciously lurked around our table. Finally, the man said “excuse me, but what is that you’re eating?!”, when I told him, he replied “clearly, I’ve ordered the wrong thing. I got a grilled chicken salad.” Yeah buddy, you did. This isn’t the time to be stingy with the calorie intake. I almost made that same mistake and got chicken fingers, never again. This sandwich is where it’s at.

The only gripe is that Rooster’s doesn’t have hot sauce. Tabasco, yes, but not hot sauce. No biggie, just put some in your handbag. Plus, our service was great.

If you’re ever in Jackson, Mississippi, do yourself a favor. Try. This. Sandwich.