The Flip

I’m not a chef, I cook. And sometimes I burn garlic, or cut my fingers or add too much salt. I’ve got a lot to learn. There is no one skill I’ve mastered, but there are tons that I execute with the confidence that no matter how many missteps I make, the outcome will be something delicious.

That was a disclaimer for what I am about to say… I cannot make pancakes. I’ve tried and tried and tried yet they all seem to turn out like this:


I’m good for going online and finding some recipe that challenges me, but when it comes to pancakes, I shy away. I just don’t get it. Is my pan too hot? My batter to thin?

I not only can’t flip a pancake, I can’t manage not to burn a pancake. Nor do I ever want to eat them after I make them.

Which brings me to my next task at hand. I wanted (I don’t know why) to make homemade pancakes. Apple cinnamon pancakes. I’m getting in this autumn mood. Everything smells like nutmeg and Thanksgiving and I want to sprinkle cinnamon sugar on everything. I’m even motivated to use the word “harvest” for no relatable reason at all.

So I found this recipe, only I used wheat flour instead… I just felt like it was more “harvested”, but mostly because it was within my reach in my pantry. Everything was going well, until I had to actually cook the pancakes.

First, let me start by saying I was gifted two new cast iron skillets for my birthday which technically sparked the urge to make the pancakes in the first place. Cracker Barrel can do it, so. can. I.

I am clearly not ready to use those yet (see first photo). So I switched to a non-stick pan, and burned two more. My batter was getting scarce and my misshapen pancakes were inedible and unappealing. Then a voice from the heavens (my boyfriend on my cell) whispered “turn your heat down”… And voila! A beautiful, perfect pancake.


The pancakes that followed weren’t the best; some were shaped like Ohio or Georgia. But I felt like I was getting somewhere. I actually wanted to eat them when I finished. And they were delicious. Seriously.

Moral of the story is I make less than mediocre pancakes. But I’ll eat them if no one else will.

click here for recipe